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Discount iPods And Cheap Macs – Save Money Buying Clearance Models

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A great way to get discount iPods and cheap Macs is to buy them on clearance. This works best when you’re in the market for an iPod or a Mac and aren’t in a big hurry to get one (don’t worry, there’s a way to get a great deal if you are in a hurry too). You can find really good deals this way, especially if you’re a bargain hunter.

Product Refreshes

Whenever Apple introduces a new Mac or iPod, your local stores need to sell their old models. The best part is that Apple gives them strict orders to sell their merchandise at a discount. Lucky for us!

I got my dream machine, a Power Mac Dual G5, this way a few years ago. I knew the Intel-based Macs were about to come out so I checked the electronics stores near me that sold Macs. Sure enough, a few dozen were marked down. A couple of weeks later Apple introduced the first Macs using Intel processors.

Display Models

The computer I actually bought was also a display model. Because of that I was able to talk the salespeople down to an even lower price. It still carried the original Apple warranty but I probably would only do this for a desktop computer. Laptops take more abuse in the store but, other than the keyboard and mouse, a desktop just sort of sits there untouched. I’m very happy with my purchase and it still runs great.

Apple’s Online Store

Are you looking to buy another Mac or iPod soon? Does haggling with a sales clerk and running from store to store just sound like too much work? Then buying directly from Apple might be the best way to find a clearance Mac or iPod. The Special Deals section of Apple’s online store also includes clearance items and gets updated regularly. What could be easier than that!

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