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Discount iPods And Cheap Macs – Save Money Buying Refurbished

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Apple makes such fabulous products that everyone wants an iPod or a Mac. But where do you go for the best deals? One of the most overlooked sources of discount iPods and cheap Macs is Apple’s online store. You’ve heard of a certified pre-owned Lexus right? Well, there’s something even better at the online store.

Apple Refurbished iPods and Macs

What is a refurbished Mac or iPod? It’s one that was sent back to Apple for whatever reason. Whether someone just ordered the wrong color or it needed a little fixing, Apple spruces them up and sells them at a big, big discount. You can trust the quality and safety because Apple certifies each item just like their new products. These also carry a full 1-year warranty so it’s like they say on their site “Apple Certified. Good as New.”

How Cheap Are They?

You don’t have to look long to find a 33% discount or even 50% discount. That can really add up. Who wouldn’t want $50 off an iPod nano? Or a few hundred dollars off a Mac? Me, me, me! Actually, we started buying refurbished from Apple a few years ago and don’t plan to ever stop.

What’s The Catch?

So what’s the downside to getting such an awesome deal? There are three very minor problems with buying a refurbished product from Apple.

  1. All of the items listed reflect the current inventory. So if no one returns the exact Mac you want then you can’t get a refurbished model. That isn’t usually a problem unless you want something super customized though. You’ll want to watch the site more closely since it updates each day.
  2. It takes a little while for some of the newer products to show up. They have to get through the whole certification process so it usually takes several months before the refurbished models are available.
  3. These don’t ship in the normal, pretty boxes that you see your the local Apple store. They come in a plainer, boring box instead. Don’t laugh. Some people love to save their pretty boxes!

Sign Me Up!

You just need to find the Special Deals section of Apple’s online store. There you’ll see links like Refurbished Mac, Refurbished iPod, and Refurbished iPhone (yes, even the iPhone). Then it’s just like ordering anything else from Apple. Except that you’re saving a ton of money!

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