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Free Blockbuster Movie Rental Coupons – Cheap Ways To Watch Movies

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Do you love watching movies? Using free Blockbuster movie rental coupons is one of the best ways to watch newer movies (or catch up on older movies). Here are two ways to get them.

Coke Rewards

Anyone who drinks Coca-Cola should clips the codes printed inside their cardboard boxes. That’s because of the Coke Rewards program. One of the rewards you can get is a coupon for a free rental from Blockbuster. Except for the times when we wanted to watch more than one movie, we went an entire year without paying for a movie rental using them. You just enter the codes into Coke’s website and choose your reward. Of course, they offer other rewards too but these are my favorite.

So what if you don’t drink Coke? Neither do I! I have a relative that drinks diet coke but rarely rents movies. She gives me her old codes since she doesn’t use them for anything.

One thing you need to watch out for is them running out of coupons. There’s only a limited number they allow each year. You’ll need to look for other options for rental coupons if that happens.

Online Auctions

A lot of people get free movie coupons but don’t use them. What do many of those people do with them? They sell them online! Those aren’t hard to find and are very inexpensive. Most of the time you’ll pay just a little bit more than the shipping costs.

Watching movies at home is much less expensive than going to the movie theater. Now the next time you want to watch a new release (or one of your favorite older movies again) you’ll know how to save even more money!

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