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Fun And Free Games Online – A Guide To Online Games

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The internet is full of free online games but not all of them are fun for everyone. This is a basic guide to finding the right games online for your individual tastes.

Casual Games

Most casual gamers play online games mainly as a way to relax. They aren’t as concerned with graphics and sound. A 500 hour adventures? Forget about it. Instead, their idea of fun is something that isn’t too intense and doesn’t take up a lot of time. Are you a casual online gamer? You’ll probably like the following three types of games if so.

  1. Puzzle Games – Sudoku puzzles are right up your alley. This number-based game has taking the world by storm. The rules are simple making Sudoku a game for people of all ages.
  2. Word Games – You might also enjoy playing word problem games like Bookworm at Yahoo! Games. This is fun and very popular but also test your vocabulary.
  3. Simple Flash Games – Creative people come up with these little games all the time. You’ll find anything from shooting games that look like the old Duck Hunt game for Nintendo to Pacman clones.

Hardcore Games

The hardcore gamers want an entirely different type of game. Don’t have the coolest graphics and sound? Send it back. These gamers want challenging problems to solve and tough adversaries to defeat. Does this kind of online gamer sound like you? Then a few online game sites will really tickle your fancy.

  1. Role-Playing Games – RPG games let you trade places with heroes and villains. A complex, intricate world with alliances to create, skills to develop, and missions to complete sucks you in for days at a time.
  2. Strategy Games – You might want to take on the responsibilities of a high level commander too. Making sure moral is high, your supplies don’t get cut off, and enough troops are deployed to fend off a counter-attack is way more fun than a game of chess.

Playing online games doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Now that you know what to look for get out there and start playing fun and free games online!

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