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Print Postage Online – Save Time And Save Money

Category: Postage and Stamps

Would you like to save time and save money? Of course you would! One simple way to do both is by printing postage yourself. Printing your own postage online offers two huge advantages over buying postage at the post office.

  1. If you value your time then you’ll love the efficiency of printing stamps at home. You can forget about driving to the post office, standing in line forever, and driving back to your home or office. Instead, just click a button and you can cross “buy stamps” off your ever expanding to-do list.
  2. It’s likely that you’ll save money when you print stamps using your computer. In many cases, bypassing the post office will save you a substantial amount of money. Even excluding gasoline, wear and tear on your car, and the loss of your valuable time, you can save up to 80% over a postage meter. Wow!

How do you get started you ask? Good question. First, you need a computer with internet access. You probably already have one in front of you right now. Second, there’s special U.S. Postal Service approved software that you’ll need to install or access online. Third, you’ll need a printer and some paper to print the postage. This is quite inexpensive because regular envelopes, mailing labels, and plain paper work just fine.

Now you can print the addresses from your address book and your postage all from one place. Most of the companies with special software offers free trials so there’s really nothing to lose. Now you’ll just have to decide how to spend all of your new found free time!

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